What a long strange trip it has been


I joined Acta non Verba on March 12th back in 2010.

To Honor One's Elders

Studmuffin - recruitment officer back then, one who explained me how things go in Acta and what is expected from me. He used to fart in mic and burp often and loud. Good lad.
Melkejal - was counting his last days as a GM. A kind guy, full of understanding but with no time left to play. Had very few words with him before he moved to China to teach English.
Itarilde - a new GM (shared title with Zombieomega). A.k.a. "Hitler Ita", nick guildies gave him cos of his strictness on some things and for leaving that strong feeling of heartless douche when approached for some chit-chat. He is mostly the one to "blame" that guild is established and recognized as it is. For many years he was GM that any officer and guild member can wish for.  Better then any other person I know he knew how to handle drama and how to deal with difficult stuff. Dealt with all of that with ease, done a lot of job that's behind the curtain.... Brilliant spokesman. A friend.
Zombieomega - for a few years he was a Co-GM with Ita. Best tank I've ever saw, probably one of the most skilled players I had a chance to play with. He was the one who approached me after few years and asked to join Guild management team as an officer. A friend, as much as an strange English guy can be.
Nola - can't say how many times he was that "voice of common sense" on officer meetings. Always calm, always rational. Great football and volleyball fan. We spent many hours after raiding chatting about sports and some other common stuff... Friend.
Thoola - a.k.a. "by the book Thoola". Really strict whenever it came to some decisions that were on edge of breaking or banding rules. You could've argue with him but we all knew he was always fair, always right. Great player, always calm, never in panicking... Friend.

I could name many, many more who left quite a trace in all those years we played together and are not around any more but list would be way to long. Still list wouldn't be a proper one without mentioning Nslash, Kent, Heeman, Pyris, Sven, Grimlod, Gilthas, Tingeling, Coldar, Rynia, Pathfinder and Skinnyme!

Noble Gardener

Once I became officer of Acta it kinda became a garden that needed to be taken care of. And that's what I've done, with all my heart for years. Gonna quote my wife here "If u spent as much time for proper study as you spend on guild you'd proly be phd by now". She was right.
At one point during Cataclism Zom stopped playing and I became Co-GM. The higher you are further you see.... More problems, more issues to be solved, not just melee and recruitment any more. More, more, more... But I didn't mind, by this time I already loved guild. 

The Flame Warden/Keeper

And then, when Warlord of Draenor was released I found myself left all alone, with Goneril along as only officer who kept playing. And he was fresh on rank! Flame of Acta that was burning since 2009 had to be maintained, it had to keep burning... A new officers team was recruited from ranks, guild kept raiding as it always used to but for me it wasn't the same. Despite having A LOT of rl friends in game it just wasn't the same any more...

Hallowed Be Thy Name

A GM... One everyone look to, a best friend and worst enemy of any guildie! Great burden for one to carry, luckily Ita came back mid Draenor and we had "reign of Ancients" once again. After shaky start of expansion guild was consolidated. But since nothing really last forever and he was really fed up on game he quit, this time for good. His name is still mentioned time to time, he will be remembered by good. From Hitler to Hallowed...

Fool For Love & For the Children

I spoke and I still speak with Ita a lot. We often referred to guild and guildies as our child. Yup, child. So much love given and time invested, so much good and bad moments spent online. Was I, were we just plain fools to plan everything else around guild and raiding? Maybe, probably even. But it was worth it. Precious moments, great fun, good friends. But as it happen in real life as well kids grow up, parents get old. He got older sooner then I have, he left first, now it's time for me to follow... Since he, and then me after left it in good hands guild will remain healthy and strong.


Or more a bartender. That's how I often felt. Really, I have. I've spoke with every single person who joined guild, spared some time just to listen. In some weird way we had a "pint of beer". Good times!


I would use this noun to describe all of you guys I had pleasure to meet and to play with, all of you Actians who are in guild now and who were here in the past.


January 15th, 2018.,  date when we killed a Titan! Argus the Unmaker (Heroic) was down and story, the Lore is completed for me. That was also day when I got promoted to Legend.

Almost full 8 years without a proper break. Despite fact I really enjoyed almost every moment of it I have to be honest and say that people and game drained life out of me. I do not enjoy it any more as I used to and since I really hate doing something halfway I decided to have a break. A proper one. Will I miss it? Probably. Enyas sandwiches, Tasty cupcakes from Aethel, complains from Kolledan, Billys infamous imps, Tompas hickups, Pandules portals and all that other lill' things that made raids fun place to be.

That's why you will probably see me online from time to time, on some casual raids, or chasing some ghosts from the past in Ulduar and ICC... Might be back when and if refreshed and if I feel spark again when BfA kicks off.
/bye till then
your friendly rogue from neighborhood