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Joining AnV

If you want to raid with us, please read through the rest of the rules and then make an app here.

To start trial, your character needs to be adequately equipped with entry level gear for current content (within 5 itemlevels of the guild raid group average).

Applications are considered in terms of:

Effort: How well are the questions answered, to what detail?

Raid readiness: What is your prior experience, current gear, can you start raiding asap?

Performance: How well did you perform in the past based on existing logs (if applicable)?

And Personality: Do you look like you'll fit in?

You can join the guild as social (non-raiding) member if you have a friend playing in the guild. If a social member wishes to start raiding with the guild later, they may apply from within the guild and go through a trial as usual.
Please include the words "ActaAleaEst!" somewhere in your application so we know you've read the rules!


Our Raiding Ethos

We plan to kill bosses and have fun doing so, valuing a good raiding atmosphere over pushing for immediate progress.

We usually clear heroic in good time and dip into Mythic as far as we can!


Raiding Days & Times

- Days are Wednesday, Thursday & Monday
- Invites start @ 21:30
- Be in Zone, Buffed and ready for First pull @ 22:00
- Raid End @ 00:05 or we reached our goal (planned boss kill) for the day, whichever is earlier
- The mid run break will be @ end of first flask (approx. 23:00-23:05)
- If you are running late (and notify us beforehand) your spot will be saved until 22:10
- We will invite anyone marked as “sub” at 22:00 to fill any missing spots to ensure the raid gets 2 full hours of active raiding - we will only “save” a spot if we have PRIOR knowledge to a late comer, we won’t swap out the sub unless they want to be.


Raiding Schedule

We will be posting weekly schedules in the schedule spreadsheet (the link can be found in the #schedule channel), working on the assumption that if you haven't posted in #afk on discord or made a forum post you can make any of the days. Everyone should be able to make at least 2 out of the three nights though. Please post in advance if you know you are going to be afk.

Let your role officer know of any days that you regulary can't make (eg, late each Thurs) and we will try to accomodate around that.
If you continually fail to show or turn up late without informing the officers we may look at your raiding status. Communication is key!


Raid Preparation

- The guild will provide repairs, feasts and cauldrons
- Please bring your own pots and tomes.
- Look up boss tactics prior to raiding - read a guide or watch a video (some will be linked on our discord!) Knowledge is power!
- We expect everyone to be fully enchanted, have appropriate talents, souldbind and conduits


Raid Performance

Goal: For all raid members to perform to the best of their ability and work together as a team to achieve our established raiding goals, whilst maintaining a friendly and positive atmosphere.

As an officer team, we seek to achieve this goal by closely monitoring the performance of all raid members across all roles. Our aim always is to provide both praise and constructive feedback to raiders/trials in areas such as DPS, mechanics, survivability, and all other areas of raiding, wherever relevant.

We do so to encourage and help all raiders/trials to maximise their potential and help achieve our raid team goal. Our objective is never to needlessly criticise players for their performance in these areas – we are all human and mistakes will happen. We are not a Cutting Edge guild and we do not expect players to be the very best at their class, but we simply ask that players are playing to the best of their ability to meet our raid team goal, and the officer team will do their best to help players achieve this.

With this in mind, we expect the following of all our raiders/trials:

1) To play their class to the best of their ability, by staying reasonably up-to-date with their class and maintaining a solid knowledge of how to perform well in their respective role.

2) To be prepared for all raids by reading up on boss tactics in advance. This also includes bringing the relevant consumables (food/flask are provided) and having their optimal character setup (spec, talents, etc).

3) During raids, listen to the raid leader and officers, and follow their directions. Observe the relevant mechanics and do your best to both maximise DPS, healing or tanking, whilst always prioritising survivability. Deaths happen, but if a mistake happens, learn from it for future pulls – even if that means a reduction in DPS. We appreciate this is a fine balance to maintain, but we will always promote survivability over DPS if the risk is increased damage taken or death.

4) To listen and take on-board feedback from their role officer regarding raid performance and work to implement these improvements into their future raiding performance.

For any players that fall below these expectations, their role officer will work with the player to improve these areas. If a player repeatedly falls below these expectations, and fails to address any issues raised, the role officer may decide to temporarily remove the player from raids until they are comfortable they can meet these expectations and resume raiding. As a final resort, a player may be demoted from raider/trial if they continue to fall below these expectations following intervention from their role officer.

If all raiders/trials observe these guidelines, our expectation is that all players will perform well and we will achieve our goal as a successful raid team – killing bosses, taking their loot and posing for kill shots.


Bind On Equip items

BoEs are to be given to the guild to be sold to provide gold for repairs/cauldrons and feasts - plus other things like gems and enchants if available.

The BoE will be sold on the Auction House for the highest possible amount and split 50/50 - 50% going into guild bank, and 50% shared with the raid team (everyone who has passed trial). It will be divided at the end of the month and shared then.
If the BoE is a BiS item, it can be sold at 25% of the AH value, but MUST be instantly equipped.


Microphone, Machine & Modifications

We would like everyone to have a working microphone as you may be required to communicate during a boss fight over certain mechanics.
We expect everyone to have their system setup and ready for raiding.

We REQUIRE these addons:
Exsorsus Raid Tools
Weak Auras
DBM or Bigwigs
Please make sure they are all up to date!


Miscellaneous things

- We are not enforcing that people choose the "best" covenant - choose what you enjoy!
- We will be running M+'s, don't be afraid to ask in guild/discord for a group!
- We'd greatly welcome any donations of crafting mats into the guild bank.
- With the general rarity of loot this expansion - we’d like to ask that when someone is offering loot for rolls, please be considerate of     
  your fellow guild mates and if it offers a bigger upgrade for them, let them have it and if your lucky enough to win a roll let others have 
  a chance to as well.

- You are free to stream our raids but only without the sound from Discord and the ingame chat


Guild Leadership Information

Listed below is the current guild leadership and their roles within the guild.

Goneril: Guildmaster
Enyas: Officer , recruitment
Crankymuppet: Raid leader
Oakira: Role officer, trials

The officers are the ones to ask about how your trial is going or update on any scheduling needs - i.e, can't make a certain day out of our 3, if you'd rather only do 2/3 nights per week,etc! Don't be afraid to poke any of us if you have any questions - we don't bite! 


Offences and Penalties


The following actions are considered offences and may lead to penalties if repeated:

  • Suddenly disappearing and/or disconnecting during a raid, especially without notifying raid leader.
  • Frequently going AFK outside break time, returning from break late.
  • Causing drama in the raid/guild.
  • Intentionally disrupting raid progress.
  • Consistently performing under the expected performance for your class and gear.
  • Hurting the reputation of the guild by acting like a jerk (even outside of guild ).
    If you get banned for a month or more for violating the terms of service set by Blizzard (using known
    exploits, hacks or botting ect.), you will be permanently removed from the



If you commit an offence, an officer will contact you to set things on the right track. Repeated offences will likely result, depending on the severity, in one of the following outcomes:

  • You may be demoted.
  • You may be dismissed from the guild, especially if you have not yet passed your trial.
  • You may be removed from the raiding roster and demoted to rank 'Member'.