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re: App: zeroplot

The application submitted by zeroplot is as follows:

What class/spec are you applying with?:
fire mage

Please provide an armory link::

How old are you?:

What are you like? Weird hobbies or fetishes? Should we be scared?:
I'm a friendly NL guy, no weird hobbies, a lot of fetishes though!

Do you know anyone in the guild?:

Why do you want to join AnV?:
There's a few open dps spots for the new raid, and i'm interested in raiding again

How long have you been playing WoW and have you taken any breaks from WoW? (if so, why?):
I've been playing wow since end vanilla, with a few breaks in between, with a few different accounts. Breaks were due to illnesses, work, marriage, stuff like that.

What previous guilds have you been in and why did you leave?:
I came to frostmane when our guild server transferred to here, Absolution. Raided Mythic with them as a hunter, until i had a break of a year. They renamed to React redux, after that i went social and just played for fun!

Are you able to raid from 22:00 – 00:00 Monday/Wednesday/Thursday?:

(if not, please note any times you cannot raid)::
i can make it 2x out of 3 most likely, although 3 is possible but not guaranteed

What previous raid exp do you have? (Please only include content that was done while it was current) If that experience was on a different character, include the character's name and realm.:

I raided a lot on Pushka too, a DK, on azjol-nerub, i can't find any active links on it

What was your favourite WoW boss and why?:
I think it was the lich king; close 2nd /3rd are Mimiron and Yogg

What do you find fun about raiding?:
the progression, and feeling of satisfaction when beating current content.

What do you expect from raiding with us?:
ive already experienced it, so i know i like the semi-hardcore atmosphere already

Are you sure you have read the rules thoroughly?:

How do you feel about our current loot system?:
i dont know the loot rules exactly?

How do you prepare for a raid?:
flask, pots, rune

We use Discord during raids. Do you have a microphone and are you comfortable using it?:
i have since yesterday!

What is the best video game of all time? Not including WoW::

Describe the role of your main spec in a raid. (Please don't simply say Tanking, Healing or Dpsing):
i kill everything with FIRE

If you could change one thing in Wow, what would it be and why?:
WoW is actually fine as it is for me at the moment. I'd make it even more alt-friendly then it currently is

Who do you get information about your class theorycrafting from?:
icy veins and mmo mage forums

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