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re: Alerias - Social(Currently)/Raiding(Legion)


Name : Alerias
Game : World of Warcraft
Server : EU - English - Frostmane 
Level : 100
Gender : Male
Faction : Alliance
Race : Night Elf
Class : Demon Hunter
Spec 1 : Havoc

WoW Armory
WoW Heroes (Couldn't find myself there O.o)

What is your character´s name?:

What class/spec are you applying with?:
I am interested in playing Demon Hunter(Havoc) or Paladin(Retribution) or any DPS melee DPS class you might need.

Please provide an armory link::

How old are you?:

Tell us about yourself (e.g. where you live, your job, your hobbies etc)::
My name is Stefan , I come from Serbia(Novi Sad). Currently I am student  in mechanical engineering doing some CAD drawing and stuff like that. My hobbies are mostly jogging and playing games and also im somewhat trying to learn to cook but...I don't let anyone eat my food :D 

I am fast learner. And whenever I am doing something I am doing it with my full commitment.

Never had anyone to complain about my performance during raiding.

Do you know anyone in the guild?:

Why do you want to join AnV?:
I love raiding and It's one of the reason why I love playing this game. I am really excited about new expansions since a class that I always wanted to play is now available ( Ilidan fanboy).

Since my last guild fell apart I had hard time deciding which guild to pick.

I was looking at your guild history and I liked it.

Plus, I was speaking with Norris and he provided me all the informations I needed :)
How long have you been playing WoW and have you taken any breaks from WoW? (if so, why?):

I was playing WoW from 2005 to 2012 without breaks if I remember correctly. I had small breaks during that period but only short ones... one moth or so. Mainly because I couldn't afford gamecard's all the time.

When Mists of Pandaria came.. I just didn't like the whole thing. I had beta and even while I was testing it there I simply didn't like the expansion. It was literally first time this happened to me. I tried raiding but just didn't like it. So I paused until the next expansion.

Then WoD came. In the beginning I really liked the expansion. But there was another issue.. the guild who I was with from the Cataclysm didn't have our members anymore.

There were new people with really bad attitude and I simply didn't wanna commit myself to them. So I left them.. and now I was guildless + most of my friends took a break.. so I just decided to take break too and focus on my studies because I really wasn't into searching a new guild at that moment especially when I was still "getting back into the game"

Note: Most of my breaks were because I couldn't afford my game times. Now as student I earned my own income so that isn't issue anymore. :)
How did you hear about Acta non Verba?:
Hmm... I  found your topic on WoW-europe. I started to read and I instantly visited your site then the games of exploration begun.

What previous guilds have you been in and why did you leave?:
On  realm Azjol-Nerub I was in guilds like The SnakeEyes (Hardcore wotlk raiding guild) I had urgency break because of issues and then became social.

After them there were some casual raiding guilds like DeMons .

In DeMons we had really stubborn wannabe smartass leader who didn't take any advices from his fellow members. He was pretty much sure that his ways are the best. I never argued with him and I complained to my guild leader but nothing was changing ( We were stuck on spine of deathwing normal.. jeez).

So... since I had a friend in a guild "Valkyrie"   and he knew this problem he told me to apply for the guild. And so my raiding started.

Reason why I abandoned Valkyrie I explained in previous question.

On Frostmane I just entered some random social guilds like  "Pretty Pink Pirates" and now social member of "Style".

Are you able to raid from 22:00 – 00:00 Monday/Wednesday/Thursday?:

What previous raid experience do you have? (Please only include content that was done while it was current) If that experience was on a different character, include the character's name and realm.:
First of all I had 3 accounts total. FIrst two got hacked sadly. But on this account I have raided since WotLK.

In WotlK I played hunter ( Alerias - Azjol-Nerub). I've  managed to do ToGC25 + started ICC raids.

In Cataclysm I was playing as a retribution paladin ( Liberty - Frostmane) and we managed to be first guild to down Deathwing on 25HC.

On my 1st Account I've done all the raids during Classics and TBC. Character's name was Celebris  (Azjol-Nerub) but I can't find him either :/
And on 2nd I raided Naxxaramas in Wotlk.. then rest I continued on my 3rd account.
What was your favourite WoW boss and why?:

Spine of Deathwing 25 HC.

I can't say this was my favorite because  mechanism of the fight. But  we all screamed like girls when we killed it...

But my favourite was Deathwing. It was just a great pleasure killing him knowing how badass he was.

Why do you want to raid?:

Saving the world.

It's one thing I really enjoy in this game.

Doing something as a team synchronizing together to  defeat some badass boss.

Missing the feeling to be part of a great team.


What do you expect from raiding with AnV?:
I expect the same amount of how much I give in.

Nothing more or less :)

Are you sure you have read the rules thoroughly?:

How do you feel about our current loot system?:
It's pretty motivating :)
How do you prepare for a raid?:
Grab all the needed information about the fight. First learn how the fight generaly goes. Then learn the +/- things  that benefit me as melee role.

prepare all my food/flasks  and other necessary stuff for the run.

+ always to be enchanted/gemmed and geared for the run ( BiS you can get)

Optional bonus: Would you like to show us your UI? (paste a link):
Optional bonus: Can you link some recent logs?:
Sorry I haven't been raiding for longer time now :/
We use Teamspeak during raids. Do you have a microphone and are you comfortable using it?:
Yes I have. :)

What is the best video game of all time? Not including WoW::
Dota 2 :D

Describe the role of your main spec in a raid. (Please don't simply say Tanking, Healing or Dpsing):
Dealing as much damage to the boss and using my offensive cooldown in right time and if it goes wrong to get back up again , while also dodging all the possible things there are to dodge.

Switching to the nearby targets that need to be killed as fastest as possible.

Poping my raid cooldown's ( defensive ones) when required (when told to).

Also positioning myself  so I can have highest uptime on the target.

And yeah... chasing the number 1 dps in the list. GOTTA BE NUMBER ONE! :D
If you could change one thing in Wow, what would it be and why?:
Always add something after end-tier raid. So people can actually stay and play after it.. :/

Who do you get information about your class theorycrafting from?:
YouTube mostly. Studying the reviews of players who were in the beta ( The mythical raiders perspective).

Optional: please leave your battletag in case one of the officers need to speak with you regarding the app.:


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