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re: Application for Grey




I am known generally on discords and in games as Grey, not sure how it came about but a look over my characters gives a theme: Greywinds - Shaman, Greywarlock - really. Greybloesred - Mage, Greydemon - Demonhunter, Greyfrost - Deathknight, Greydin - I mean you can see my level of imagination here right.


Right now I have a lot of characters including mains on Argent Dawn and the mage is over on Darkmoon Faire, onto the reason for the application.


I work rather unsociable hours, and you guys raid later, plus the forum post gave an insight that you may be accommodating to a dark sense of humoured (near)middle aged player.

For this reason I gave Hellykins a message on Bnet and had a chat about what you guys need, and what I can offer.


Downside; I have no characters on your realm right now, what I do have is a boost, and a bit of free time (plus shadowlands level time reduction)


I have played Mage, Warlock and Demon Hunter(Tank) in raids this expac with the Demon Hunter being the main of the 3. I am more than happy to RDPS, I am also more than happy to learn resto druid. As I said to Hellykins, I can not stand in the fire. Therefore I am a raider, right? Plus I raided as a Shaman healer at a decent level and I am happy to try new classes, druid has never really been something I have played much so learning would be good.


A bit about my history.


I have played since classic, but have taken many breaks over the years.

I raided WOTLK and Cataclysm competitively, leading a guild in Firelands that was a realm leader for a fair while (Bloodhoof realm)


Since then I have coasted through the game each expac and raided when I could due to work commitments.


This expac I had (have) a home with a guild on Darkmoon Faire, however they start raids really early and it would limit my raid time, they are also much more on the casual social side, having not cleared Heroic until May and not doing Mythic for multiple tiers.


I would like to join with a view to raiding with you guys, even if I am just a social trialist to start with to see if I can be of any use.


If accepted I will start a few character on your realm and guild and start building them up ready for the expac.


I have already been prewarned that your raid nights consist of Dad jokes which I am totally ok with.


And then about myself:

29 year old male from the UK - Dark sense of humour, work in food retail, partner also plays, dogs don't.


Looking forward to seeing if I am chosen.


BNET Dextrose#2295

Discord is Coldrife#8748



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