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Joining AnV


Standard raids

Breaks, dropouts, no shows

Subbing in


Prepared for raiding

Guild ranks

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Loot System

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Joining AnV

If you want to raid with us, please read through the rest of the rules and then make an app here.

To start trial, your character needs to be adequately equipped with entry level gear for current content (within 10 itemlevels of the content the guild is doing at the time).

Applications are considered in terms of:

Effort: how well are the questions answered, to what detail?

Raid readiness: what is your prior experience, current gear, can you start raiding asap?

Performance: how well did you perform in the past based on existing logs (if applicable)?

and Personality- do you look like you´ll fit in?

You can join the guild as social (non-raiding) member if you have a friend playing in the guild. If a social member wishes to start raiding with the guild later, they may apply from within the guild and go through a trial as usual.  


Standard raids

Standard AnV raid times are Wednesday, Thursday and Monday, 22:00 - 00:00 realm time (there is usually a break between 23:00 - 23:05) Be in game and ready for an invite to the raid at least 10 minutes before the raid start time, you should be inside the instance 5 minutes before the raid start time.

Raid schedules for coming week are made and posted on the guild forums every Tuesday and they show which players are picked for each of the next week's raids. Whether you´re scheduled or not, please comment on the thread with your availability (it is enough to just write “OK” if schedule is ok for you)

If you are planning to be away for certain days/weeks, please write in the AFK section of the forum at least a week ahead so we can schedule around that accordingly.

Casual raids

Casual raids are organized by Jangerbox once per week on an off-raid night, usually Friday or Saturday. Gear requirements to join are specified by Jangerbox, but usually everyone is free to join. Guild ranks do not apply during these runs and personal loot is used (including for BoEs)

Breaks, dropouts, no shows

If you cannot make a night (or several nights), please post us in advance to let us know. Confirming when you are available on the nights for which you are scheduled lets us know that you have really read the schedule, however if you do not post any comments on the raid schedule thread, it is assumed that you will be present at that raid.

If you something unexpected happens and you can´t come, let an officer know in chat or Facebook as soon as possible.

Drop out – if you find that you cannot come to a raid where you are scheduled, please post on site forum, in Facebook group or speaking with your role officer about your absence for raid you are scheduled for latest on raid day itself, at least 6 hours before raid start. Your rank is safe, no consequences.

No show – a no show is when you miss out on raid without notifying anyone. This creates a difficult situation for us, especially on mythic nights, where we might need to call the raid if we do not have a fitting sub for your spot. This will affect your rank, especially if it’s repeated offence.


AFK – if you are planning to go AFK, please make a post in the AFK section on forums in advance. Short periods of absence (up to two resets) will not affect your rank. In case of frequent or prolonged absences, your rank will be set to Member and your role officer will check with you when to promote you back to raider/core raider based on how fast you can catch up. For AFK of two or more resets, you will be removed from SK list and readded upon return.

Subbing in

If you want to sub in for an evening, be in game for the raid start time on that night. You may not be required, but  last minute drop outs happen! The decision whether subs will be taken/who will sub rests solely on the raid leader.


Pugging is OK for raids and difficulties which we are not planning to do according to the schedule for any given week, so please, check what we´ll be doing before getting yourself saved or save pugging for Tuesday when pugging anything is allowed. Being saved on a boss which we are doing in raid reduces the chance for everyone else to get loot at your expense and is likely to result in you being benched for the night. Repeated offences are likely to result in demotion or being removed from schedules altogether.

Prepared for raiding

It is expected that you bring your own buff food, potions and flasks and that you use them. Not doing so will impair the whole raid and might get you benched and/or demoted.

Please include the word "ActaAleaEst" in your application or your application will probably be declined for not having read the rules. Read the rest of the rules too though.

Make sure that your gear is prepared and repaired. Don´t come to raid red and with missing gems and enchants.

Be on Discord during raids, ideally with a working mic, but at the very least able to listen to instructions given. We are an international guild but we need  people to understand English as we use it on Discord and guild chat

If you have to nip away from your PC before the scheduled break (kids wake up etc.), saz in advance when you will be back or risk being removed from the raid.

The tactics followed by the guild are decided by the raid leader, who will ensure that a guide for each boss we will be attempting will be posted on the forums in advance. Raiders are expected to know the tactic before starting on a boss, raid leader will only help clarify details before pulls.

During a raid, tactics are not open to discussion unless the raid leader specifically asks for suggestions. If you have a suggestion during a raid or want to ask something, contact your Role Officer. Outside of raid, guild forum is the best place for this type of discussion.

Guild ranks

Guild Master: Itarildë

The Guild Master appoints officers and role officers, chairs officer meetings and if there is not a consensus between the officers on a given matter, the Guild Master decides it.  If a person feels mistreated by an officer or a role officer, they may appeal to the Guild Master to investigate that.

Officers: Karesar, Goneril, Enyas, Ragebarr

Officers are people who go a long way back with the guild and who manage the day to day operation of the guild. Most actions are made following a consensus of the officers and the Guild Master, which includes among others: accepting and rejecting applications to the guild, promotions and demotions of trials, raiders and core raiders, formulating and updating the guild rules. If a person feels mistreated by the guild master, they may appeal to the Officer council to investigate that. 

Raid leaders:

Raid leader has the highest authority during raids, overruling even officers in matters of tactics, which people will be invited, order in which we attempt bosses, etc.

Role Officer:

Role officers are competent players who evaluate performance of raiders in their respective role, oversee trials and nominate people in the guild for promotions and demotions.


Players who pass their trial are promoted to this rank. While on this rank, players are usually scheduled 2 or 3 times per week and with patience and skill can progress to becoming core raiders. Dropouts, no-shows or severe lack of performance may cause a raider to lose his rank and be demoted to Casual raider or Member. A raider can ask their Role Officer any time for feedback regarding their performance.

Casual Raider:

Players who want to raid but cannot commit to either a fixed schedule or the required gear or perfomance can join raids as Casual Raiders. Scheduling Casual Raiders is done case by case (usually 1 night per week) as decided by the Role Officer. Casual Raiders may also always join the Casual Runs organized by Jangerbox to catch up with gear.


Any non-raiding Member of the guild - friends of raiders or guildies who can´t raid, but want to stay in touch.


Self Explanatory, alts are not considered raiding characters and can only join casual runs unless needed to fill a missing role on a raid night.


A rank for any member currently undergoing a trial to become a raider. To pass trial, a player has to raid with the guild for at least 2 weeks before being either be promoted to raider. In cases when there is not enough data to decide the trial, the trial can be extended. To pass trial, a person also has to fit into the guild and contribute to friendly atmosphere within it and may be removed if that isn´t working out. Like everyone else, a person during their trial can ask their role officers for feedback on their trial at any point of time.


Honorary rank for some of most memorable members of Acta non Verba over the years.

Most of people in this rank are inactive.

Promotions and demotions between raiding ranks

Role officers suggest promotions and demotions of Trials/Raiders/Core raiders to the officer council, which decides by consensus or vote, based on the facts presented by the role officer. There are soft and hard criteria to qualify a person for each of the ranks, although ultimately the decision whether to promote or not depends on the council. All players are encouraged to actively ask their role officer for feedback and suggestions for improvement, especially if aiming for promotion.

Performance: For melee and ranged DPS evaluation we use a combination of performance on mechanics,  Warcraft Logs percentile and raw numbers to determine efficiency of a player. Willingness to perform special tasks on encounters is considered an advantage. Avoidable damage taken before wipe is called is considered, as is using class specific abilities without damage components that help the raid (dispels, interrupts, damage reductions etc.) Consumable use (pre-potting, using potions during fight) is considered as well. Executing strategy as required by the raid leader is valued more than raw numbers, “meter whoring” that hurts the raid counts against promotions as well as excessive deaths to avoidable damage and failing on mechanics. As a rule of thumb a core raider is expected to be in the top 30% of performers in the guild and, taking into account raid composition, tactics used or special tasks during the encounter (e.g. if you are asked to do something that will hurt your numbers and you do it well, it´s more important than being the top dps). Lastly, for a person to be considered for core, they must have spent at least one tier of raiding in the guild.

Soft criteria: Common sense, availability and reliability are taken into account when considering a promotion or demotion. Does a person frequently drop out on the last minute? Does the person do anything for the guild in or outside raiding? Does the person do their best to remain competitive? (keeping up-to date with class mechanics and class-related fight specifics, working on one´s gear outside raids)

Demotions: To keep the rank system healthy, we will be reviewing people at all ranks at least once per month.

To conclude

In order to become Core raider you have to tick all of the boxes above. Some more, some less but all just have to be there, none can be skipped. There’s no easy way and no detours. We are not high end raiding guild but some things we like to keep up on top level and our Core raiders are one.

To be Core you have to perform constantly on decent level, you have to be ready to do dirty jobs, to be helpful and friendly, to be long time with us and, to quote one of our top (Core) raiders – “If you gonna carry, carry as hard as you can. Always.”


Q & A


Q: I am topping meters on all fights, 90%+ on WoL all over the board! Why I’m not Core raider?!

A: You are not ticking other boxes, Core is not defined by just plain numbers.


Q: I am always interrupting and soaking, always doing dirty job flawlessly. I should be Core!

A: Well, check whether you are not missing numbers too much. You are great on special tasks but there’s few more things you need to improve to get up to Core level. It’s still not enough.


Q: I’ve raided in every single raid since I joined, when will I become Core?

A: When you tick other boxes, it’s not only down to attendance so maybe never!


Q: But I am such a nice and friendly guy, everyone in guild loves me, I helped every single person on some quest/problem they had…

A: Awwww, so nice of you, but still that’s just one aspect, check the others.


Q: But I…

A: Go back to forum and read it all over again!

Loot System

As of BfA, personal loot is the only option available and as such will be used. It is expected if a BoE drops, to donate it to the guild banker, who will try to sell it for maximum profit, out of which 50% will be given back to the person who donated it and 50% will go to the guild bank to fund guild repairs and flasks/food for everyone. If the BoE is a significant upgrade, the person who received it can choose to keep it, in which case it must be equipped straight away.

Prior to BfA, the guild used a master looter need/greed role system, giving priority to core raiders over raiders.

Offences and Penalties


The following actions are considered offences and may lead to penalties if repeated:

Suddenly disappearing and/or disconnecting during a raid, especially without notifying raid leader

Frequently going AFK outside break time, returning from break late

Causing drama in the raid/guild

Intentionally disrupting raid progress

Consistently performing under the expected performance for your class and gear

Hurting the reputation of the guild by acting like a jerk (even outside of guild )

If you get banned for a month or more for cheating (using known exploits, hacks or botting), you will be permanently removed from the guild


If you commit an offence, an officer will contact you to set things on the right track. Repeated offences will likely result, depending on the severity, in one of the following outcomes:

You may be demoted

You may be dismissed from the guild, especially if you have not yet passed your trial

You may be removed from the raiding roster and demoted to rank 'Member'