Acta non Verba is a progressive raiding guild with a casual slant, which understands that real life takes precedence over the game. We value the time we can enjoy in the game together even more as a result, and play smart to make the most out of it. Ultimately, no matter what we do, our overreaching goal is always to have fun. You can check out what we have been up to so far in the history section.

We have cleared heroic Trial of Valor before Nighthold arrived and cleared Nighthold HC in time before 7.2 - Skorpyron (aka loot bag) is down and the plan is now to hit the rest of the "comfortable" mythic bosses in Nighthold to keep in shape for ToS in 7.2.5.

We are currently looking for Elemental Shaman, Boomkin, Warlock, Mistweaver Monk - if you play one of these and want to join, click here to apply to the guild and tell us about yourself! If you main something else, but you´re interested in the guild, give us a poke ingame and we´ll see if we can fit you in.

Yours sincerely, the officer team of AnV